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Best Ways to Reduce Risk When Driving

November 5, 2018 by mti

Driving is a familiar activity for many Britons, but that doesn’t make the activity itself any less dangerous. Driving is much safer than it used to be, of this there is no doubt, but the fact remains that in the UK there is an average of 180,000 accidents per year, and just over 1,500 deaths that occur on the roads. Many of these accidents occur on back country roads as well, meaning that if no one is able to call for help after the accident, it could be a while before anyone arrives on scene.

It goes without saying that safe driving reduces risk. It also happens to reduce the overall cost of your insurance, giving you extra incentive to practice these top defensive driving tactics and vehicle maintenance inspections.

Maintain Your Vehicle

It is your responsible to keep your vehicle – and any trailers you may have – in working order and in drivable condition. Part of this will include regular maintenance. Thankfully, plenty of the maintenance you can do on your own.

1.    Regularly Clean Your Vehicle

It is not pedantic to keep your vehicle clean. It is actually how you can keep rust and wear at bay – especially during the colder months when the roads are salted. This salt can eat through and rust your vehicle and trailer before you know it.

2.    Check Systems

In the colder months especially, electrical wiring might not work as well as it would in the summer. You need to check all safety features regularly to ensure that they work. This means checking that the lights work, that the brakes work, and so on. If your trailer’s brakes aren’t working well, this could spell total disaster when you are out on the road. Thankfully, with trailers you can often fix the problem yourself with replacement trailer brakes and an afternoon tinkering.

3.    Maintain Tyre Pressure

Tyres lose pressure for a lot of reasons, so check regularly that they have enough pressure and that there is not any serious wear occurring. Depending on where you live, you might want to invest in special winter tyres as well.

Be Prepared for the Weather

The UK might not have as ferocious winters as some other parts of the world, but climate is changing and you do not want to be caught out in the cold. Instead, have the right tools in your vehicle, maintain your vehicle to deal with the harsher weather, and remember to drive defensively.

Be Defensive with Your Driving

Defensive driving is the best way to avoid accidents altogether. It means that you look for issues on the road and with the behaviour of others around you. If you see a swerving car ahead of time, you can take precautions. If you expect there to be black ice on the road, you can take the necessary steps to drive more safely. The point is that defensive driving saves lives, and as a result, it will save you money on damages and your insurance.

Reducing risk when driving is key to avoiding accidents. After all, if you crash off-road because your tyre blew from driving on it deflated the only person whose fault it is is yours. By maintaining your vehicle and being defensive with your driving, you can stay safer and save money.

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