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Concern Over Number Of Public Charging Points

December 7, 2021 by mti

Apparently, one in six new cars being registered in the UK are plug-in vehicles but, unfortunately, the number of public car charging points is not keeping pace according to analysis by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). In fact, we are well behind a number of other countries when it comes to the number of charging points available.

At the moment, for every 52 new electric cars purchased here in the UK there is only 1 new public electric charging point being installed. There will no doubt be some people buying such vehicles who have a charger installed at their home but, nevertheless, the figures are a little worrying.

In 2020, there was only 1 public charging point available for every 16 plug in vehicles in the UK with this being a reduction from 1 for every 11 vehicles at the end of 2019. In South Korea the ratio was 1 public charging point for every 3 plug-in vehicles. In the Netherlands it was 1 to 5, China 1 to 9, France 1 to 10. However, we were better than Germany with a ratio of 1 to 17.

If you look at the variance on a regional basis across the UK it may not come as a surprise to find that London has the best ratio at 1 public charging point for every 10 plug-in cars. Wales has 1 for every 12, Scotland and Northern Ireland have 1 for every 17, the West Midlands has 1 for every 35, the East of England and North West have 1 for every 49 with this being the worst.

We are sure that motor traders will agree that if you are involved in the sale of plug-in cars you would hope that there is an improvement in the number of public charging points provided across the UK in the short term. We will continue to keep our readers updated.

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