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Government Plans To Ban Sale Of New Petrol And Diesel Cars By 2035

February 5, 2020 by Logan Biggs

If you are in the motor trade industry and in particular involved in the sale of new cars as a motor trader then you will no doubt find the Government’s recent announcement that it plans to bring forward banning the sale of new diesel and petrol cars from 2040 to 2035 plus it also wishes to include the sale of new hybrid cars in the proposed ban from the same date of great interest.

Apparently, the UK is keen to achieve its target of having virtually zero carbon emissions by 2050 and those who are experts in this particular field were concerned that the current date of 2040 to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars was too far ahead meaning that the zero carbon emissions target of 2050 may not be met.

Obviously, once the ban comes into force, new car buyers will be limited as to the type of powered vehicle he or she can purchase i.e. electric ones.

There will no doubt be many who support the above as anything that can be done to lower carbon emissions must surely be welcomed both here in the UK and in the rest of the world. However, there will be others who are concerned and may question whether the proposed change in the date when new petrol and diesel car sales are to be banned from is going to be achievable. After all, although the number of new electric cars being sold here in the UK is on the increase, they only make up a small percentage of the number of new cars sold each year. There will no doubt be a lot of work required by car manufacturers to increase the number of sales. For instance, builders of cars will no doubt need to come up with an increased range of models to cater for the needs of all car owners.

The year 2035 may seem a long way off but it will quickly be upon us. Therefore, a lot needs to be done to achieve the above target. Motor traders will no doubt need to adapt to selling electric cars and the public will need to embrace the change from driving around in petrol and diesel fuelled cars.

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