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Honda To Close Car Manufacturing Plant In Swindon

February 28, 2019 by Logan Biggs

Honda started building cars in Swindon in the late 1980s so those of you operating within the motor trade industry will be disappointed to have heard recently that the Japanese car manufacturing company is going to stop building cars in 2021 at the above location.

The company builds in the region of 160,000 Honda Civics at the above plant in the UK every year so it is a substantial operation. In fact, regrettably, it is being forecast that in the region of 3,500 people will loose their jobs. That is going to have a huge impact on Swindon and let us hope that all those people who end up being made unemployed and who want to are able to obtain alternative employment as quickly as possible.

Presumably, there will be some of the workforce who will have been coming up for retirement anyway but there are no doubt many more who will need to find another job to help support themselves and their families in paying the mortgage or rent and putting food on the table.   

Apparently, Honda has said that the decision has nothing to so with the issues surrounding Brexit but that the reasons for making the no doubt difficult decision to cease car manufacturing at Swindon in 2021 is down to changes in the car industry around the world and also the need to focus more on the production of electric cars with an increasing number of these now being produced by many car manufacturers around the world.

Obviously this is a worrying time for the motor trade industry as it will not just be the employees that are affected at the Honda plant in Swindon. There are no doubt many other people and motor trade businesses that have some connection to Honda such as supplying parts who will be impacted in some way. Also, other businesses within Swindon such as shops may be impacted in a negative manner.

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