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More Car Buyers Prefer Communicating With Motor Dealers By Phone

September 30, 2018 by Logan Biggs

If you are a motor trader then you will obviously be aware that it is important that your potential new customers and your existing ones can get in touch with you with ease. After all, if you are not contactable then how can you expect to conduct any business.

Well you may be interested to read that, according to some research carried out by Dealerweb, the favoured way for car buyers to get in touch with a dealership in normal office hours i.e. between 9 am to 5 pm is by phone. Research was carried out with 1,200 motorists and 53% preferred to get in touch with the dealership by telephone. The other 47% preferred to communicate by e-mail.

These are important statistics and motor traders should bear them in mind when operating their business. It would be interesting if we knew how many of those who preferred to use the phone to make contact would not have tried to get in touch with the dealer if he or she did not have a phone number that was available for use by potential car buyers. Equally, how many potential buyers would not have bothered to get in touch with the dealer if no email was available to communicate by.

It is obvious that motor traders really do need to have both means of communication available for their potential customers to get in touch to help maximize the sale of a new or used vehicle.

As far as communicating goes during the hours of the day when the dealership is closed, the favoured option is by email. This probably does not come as a surprise to most people.

There may be some potential car buyers who are reluctant to ring a dealer on a mobile phone preferring to have a landline number available to dial. Therefore, a motor trader may wish to consider having both a landline and a mobile number connected to their business to enable motorists to ring the number that they prefer.

It is also important that a motor trader responds quickly to an enquiry from a potential car buyer whether that is following receipt of an email or an answerphone message.

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