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Over Half Of Car Buyers Concerned About Purchasing An Unreliable Car

September 5, 2019 by Logan Biggs

Motor traders may find a Consumer Insight Panel survey produced by on the 30th August 2019 of interest and may also find it of benefit in the running of their motor trade business whether it is involved in the buying and selling of used and/or new cars. Apparently, over 1,000 buyers of cars took part in the survey.

The survey revealed that 52.4% of car buyers were concerned that they may end up purchasing an unreliable car. This is something that motor traders may wish to take on board and think how they can allay such a concern. For instance, has the car been fully serviced before being offered for sale, what sort of guarantee does it have re parts and labour and does it come with an extended warranty period.

It is interesting that 32.8% of car buyers were concerned that they would buy a car that did not meet their needs. So, could a motor trader provide guidance to a customer on whether a car being looked at is going to be suitable by asking what the car would be used for? For instance, if a couple are looking to buy a family car and they have 4 children, a small hatchback is not really going to be suitable – should they not be looking at say a six-seater people carrier?

It is disappointing that 41.8% of car buyers were concerned that they may get bothered by car sales people when looking at cars in the showroom or on the forecourt. We have all possibly encountered pushy sales people in shops so motor traders may wish to allow potential car buyers more time to look around cars and just ‘hover” around some distance away but be visible to customers and allow them to approach them when they are ready to do so. Yes, of course, there comes a time when you will wish to go up to the customer and ask he or she if any assistance is required.

Apparently, 57.9% of car buyers were concerned that they would get a fair deal when buying a car. In this case, it is important that your cars are correctly priced in comparison with your competitors.

It probably does not come as a surprise to read that there are quite a few people who are nervous when it comes to buying a car – 33.6%. Perhaps motor traders could focus on warmly welcoming customers offering them refreshment whilst they look around the showroom and making it clear that you are available to answer any questions they have. You may wish to encourage customers who have bought a car from you to provide positive feedback on their experience in dealing with you on review sites and refer new potential customers to such reviews.

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