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September Sees Reduction In Car Production

October 30, 2018 by Logan Biggs

September was a disappointing month for the motor trade industry as previously reported with van and car sales dropping in comparison to the same month in 2017. Well, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has recently produced some figures that show the number of cars built here in the UK has fallen quite considerably when comparing the above periods.

There were 25,610 fewer cars manufactured in September 2018 in comparison to September 2017. That is a fall of 16.8%. In September this year there were 127,051 new cars built whilst in the same month last year there were 152,661.

Of those cars built last month, 25,440 were for the home market whilst in the same month last year there were 31,392 – a fall of 19%. There were 101,611 new cars built for export last month whilst in the same month last year there was 121,269- a drop of 16.2%. In September of this year 80% of cars manufactured were for export whilst in the same month last year the figure was 79.4%.

On a year to date basis up to September 2018, there were 1,171,765 new cars built whilst in the same period last year there were 1,254,352. That is a reduction of 82,587 equating to a fall of 6.6%. There was a big drop in the cars built for the home market with 220,317 in the year to date to September 2018 compared to 270,685 for the same period last year – a drop of 18.6%. The export market fell by 3.3% from 983,667 to 951,448.

With fewer cars being manufactured this must surely have a negative impact overall on the motor trade industry. This will mean that not as many new cars are sold by dealers here in the UK. This in turn will result in fewer cars being serviced periodically meaning that fewer spare parts are required. A lower number of tyres will need to be replaced. It is to be hoped that things will improve as the motor trade industry is a major contributor here in the UK in terms of jobs and revenue. We will continue to keep you updated as and when figures are produced.

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