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Staff Self-Isolating May Impact Car Production

August 4, 2021 by mti

You will probably be aware that a huge number of people here in the UK have had to self-isolate due to coming into contact with someone who has COVID-19. As with many other businesses, this could potentially have a negative impact on car manufacturing and the industry has asked for something to be done about this.

In June 2021, the number of new cars built in the UK amounted to 69.097 whereas in June 2020 the figure was 56,594 – an increase of 22.1%. However, it should be borne in mind that the figures for last year were low due to the pandemic. In fact, June 2021 was the worst on record, apart from June 2020, since way back in 1953. One of the reasons for this is because of a shortage of chips around the world.

Of those cars built in June 2021, 12,163 were for the home market compared to 6,670 in June 2020 – an increase of 82.4%. There were 56,934 built for the overseas market in June 2021 compared to 49,924 in June 2020 – a rise of 14%.

The number of new cars built in the UK on a year to date basis to June 2021 amounted to 498,923 compared to 381,357 for the same period last year – a rise of 30.8%. There were 82,773 new cars built for the home market in the year to date to June 2021 compared to 72,346 for the same period last year – a rise of 14.4% and 416,150 built for export in the year to date to June 2021 compared to 309,011 for the same period to June 2020 – a rise of 34.7%.

Apparently, it is estimated that as many as 100,000 new cars that were forecast to be built in the UK in 2021 may not be as a result of a shortage of semiconductors.  

The motor trade industry has been going through a difficult period due to the pandemic so let us hope that the situation surrounding car manufacturing starts to improve soon.

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