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Motor Trade Liability Insurance

Motor Trade Liability Insurance Cover

Protect you and your business with motor trade liability insurance cover

It covers any injury or damage caused to a customer's person or their property due to your negligence or that of your business including costs, legal fees, expenses and hospital treatment.

Imagine a situation where one of your customers visits your business premises to have their car put through an MOT. They want to watch whilst the test is done from the customer area which is deemed to be a safe environment. However, by mistake you left a wheel nut remover on the floor in that area that the customer trips over and breaks his arm and is unable to work for three months. The customer sues you for loss of income, medical treatment and you are faced with paying his legal costs. Thank goodness you were able to claim on your public liability cover!

Employer's Liability Cover for Motor Traders

Legally, if you have one or more employees whether full or part time, you must have employer's liability insurance providing cover for a minimum of £5 million.

This type of insurance provides cover should one of your employees become ill or suffers an injury or death at work due to the negligence of the business.

The certificate of employers' liability compulsory insurance must be displayed in the workplace either in paper form or electronically for employees to read.

Service and Sales Indemnity Cover for Motor Traders

This is also known as Product Liability Insurance

If a faulty part such as a brake cable was fitted by your mechanic to your customer's car and the driver of the car was involved in an accident due to the faulty brake cable and suffered injuries the driver can sue you for damages. This type of cover enables you to counter-sue the manufacturer of the brake cable.

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